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    Math games
    By Angie

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    I made a measurement equivalency game by cutting a large gallon out of construction paper (make it even measurements) and then I cut quarts (1/4 of the gallon) out in a different color, pints (1/8 of the gallon) in another color, and cups (1/16) in another color. I ask questions like "How many quarts in a gallon?" or "show me 1 1/2 gallons" and the groups must make it with the materials.
    I have a proabbility game called Rollar Derby that calls for gameboards and tokens. That could be made homemade. I could tell you more in an email. I have made "Wallets" to teach about counting money and making change and adding/subtracting decimals. You take a square of tagboard (not the whole sheet) and fold it in half. Then you fold it in half the other way to create a paper wallet. I use contact paper and put real coins between two sheets to show a certain amount of money. THen I label all the wallets with famous people or people the kids know and write a certain amount of money on the wallet to match one of the sets of coins. They have to count and then match the money to the wallet. You can do many things with these.
    I hope I helped!

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