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    bored attitude
    By CLF

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    I really believe in the "life is what you make of it" attitude and it sounds as though the parents of this child are allowing a negative attitude to be acceptable. It seems to me that you have many opportunities in place that he is not taking advantage of. At conference I would maybe hand the parent a list of all of his optional choices of things that can be done when basic assignments are finished. Tutoring or helping others can be on the list too since it seems to be a skill he needs. Then I would let the parent know he has all these choices. If he chooses to be bored than it is because he hasn't chosen otherwise. I would try to put the responsibility back on his shoulders. If you are comfortable with the idea, invite the parent to sit in and see what goes on. The only other thing I can think of would be assisting in another class if he was willing to do so. Also, I have lots of maps I have acquired and I laminated them and rolled them up in the sections of a wine bottle box. All the kids seem to enjoy studying the maps when they have time. I covered the box with old road maps. If may spark his interest for a little while anyway! My guess is he has a bored attitude rather than being truly bored. Good luck!

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