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    Fat and Skinny Questions
    By Kelly

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    This is the information I put on a colourful handout for my class last year (grade 4) about good discussion questions. I hope it helps! Kelly

    Asking Good Questions

    Skinny Questions:
    ¨ will get only one or two-word answers
    ¨ yes and no questions
    ¨ don’t ask about important information
    ¨ ask only about basic facts

    Fat Questions:
    ¨ will be answered with lots of information
    ¨ get at the main ideas of the story or book
    ¨ may be about feelings
    ¨ ask about opinions
    ¨ may be to clarify things you didn’t understand in the reading
    ¨ ask if any one has ever had similar experiences
    ¨ make predictions
    ¨ explain why or how
    ¨ make connections or comparisons

    Try These:

    “What if...” “Why did...”

    “How did...” “What would happen if...”

    “What caused...” “What might...”

    “How would you feel if...”

    “What character traits describe ______?

    “Why do you think...” “Why is...”

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