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    first few days stuff
    By Rebecca

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    I always continue teaching the rules for the first week. 1. I give them scenarios(some are correct ways and some are incorrect)to act out for the class. The students have to tell if this was appropriate behavior or not. If not, they have to tell what they should have done. 2. I have them take a large sheet of white paper and fold it into fourths. They title it "Rules for the School". In each fourth they label
    "Classroom", "Cafeteria", "Playground", "Assembly" or whatever area you wish. They write a sentence and illustrate a rule for each. Then we have share time. (I teach third grade)
    3. I do a journal writing (something pertaining to the beginning of school) 4. I share several books and we discuss them. It's short notice because you will need them this week but maybe by chance you have them or can get them from your librarian...."Crysanthemum"(by Kevin Henkes) Read and discuss how the children made her feel by making fun of her name. "The Teacher From the Black Lagoon". 5. I like to take this time to begin reading a chapter book to my students (Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary) 6. I show the textbooks and have them write down three things they would like to learn from that subject this year. I issue them the books and let them have time to look through them. 7. On the first day I bring in a bag of several items that are important to me and I share. I then give each of them a small brown lunch sack and issue my first Homework assignment....they bring in 5 items from home in the sack to share about themselves. They can only bring in 5 and they MUST fit into the sack! You could still do this even though it's not the first day. 8. I have them make an "All About Me" booklet. You can get the pages from 9. I do start assessing my students in subjects to see where they are academically. I have some kind of fun math for them to do that first week and I begin my spelling(usually with school related words instead of the first Unit in the book)
    I don't know what grade you teach but maybe there is something here to help you out. You have come to the right place. The teachers that visit here are so eager and willing to help out a fellow teacher. Good Luck...You'll be fine!

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