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    not fair, but some thoughts to consider
    By j

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    I understand your frustration over this situation! It is too bad that a person not certified in your state is getting the position. Unfortunately, different schools work in different ways and if the principal has made the decision to offer the job to someone else and he can back his reasoning, then the superintendent could give in. Naturally, if he goes over the superintendent's head, that might be grievable, but you have to consider all factors: if the principal selected the other candidate and did not consider you, what was his reasoning--was it the type of degree, the amount of experience in that particular field, how she interviewed, etc? Were his reasons for not selecting you because he felt you would be a more valuable asset elsewhere in the district? If he didn't select you and you grieved it and were given the job, can you be assured his evaluations of you would be fair and objective, or would he hold a grudge and then it is reflected in your performance reviews? I don't really know, but I just want to caution you to be careful when passing over the interim. If you refuse to take that job, will they consider you for future openings? We had a candidate refuse a six-week interim in an intermediate grade level in anticipation of being offered a permanent position later in the year in a primary level. Her reason for refusing: she wanted something more permanent. Understandable, but when they went to interview, she was passed over because of her "lack of flexibility" to fill in earlier in the year. So, PLEASE, if you really want to work in this district, don't let your disappointment cloud your ability to make decisions that could affect your future employment. Jobs are hard to find, and if you pass this up now, you may not be considered further down the road. I don't mean to sound harsh or critical, I just know from following your posts, that you are anxious to find a teaching job, and I don't want to see you close a door on a possibility! Good luck and keep us posted.

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