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    This works well for us!
    By Jamie

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    I feel for you! That's just more stress added to your day. In our school, we have one teacher on duty at a time for about 90-100 kids. Each teacher has a 15 minute duty period. It is an easy duty because the STUDENTS are responsible for clean up. Students are required to stay seated for a minimum of 15 minutes. They may talk quietly. After 15 minutes, students may leave the lunchroom, but ONLY if they raise their hand quietly and ask to be excused. They then must clean their own area and take care of their own trays. The duty teacher only has to dismiss students and make sure each student removes all of his trash when he leaves the table.
    Classes are assigned lunch tables, so that all the students in one class sit together. Before any student at a table is dismissed, the teacher on duty asks "Who are my table cleaners?" (The classroom teacher assigns two table cleaners per day). The class will let you know, and if they don't, then no one leaves until it is determined. The table cleaners are in charge of cleaning and wiping down tables after the class is finished eating. There is a table at the front of the lunchroom with soapy buckets and wet towels which students use to clean their tables. We have very few problems with this approach. the students know what is expected of them, and it makes our job MUCH easier!
    I hope this helps!

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