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    Fact or Opinion Game
    By Nicole

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    I used this game with my 2nd graders. This game really makes them think! First you put two columns on the board..A and B. Then you have sentences written on sentence strips before hand. For example one strip might say Pizza is the Best food and another might say the sun is yellow. You have about 6 opinion sentences and 6 fact sentences. Then you start the game by saying this is an A and put it in the A column. Then you have them try and figure out where the others will go based on the first one. After about 3 or 4 they will begin to realize that all the things in the A column are true and all the things in the B column are how you might feel about something but it doesnt have to be true for everyone. Then you have the students each write a sentence on an index card that would fit in either the A or B column and come up front and place it in the right one. I know this sounds confusing but the kids love it!

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