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    Lunch count idea
    By Jamie

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    I teach 4th grade and have found something that works great. I assign each child a number at the beginning of the year which correlates with everything (but you could do this just as easily with names). I then made a chart with the numbers in a column on the left hand side of the chart and three other columns, hot lunch, cold lunch, and salad bar. I then laminated the chart and hung it. As part of their morning routine, students put away their backpacks and then go straight to the lunch count chart. They use a vis a vis marker to place a check in the appropriate column next to their number. I can look at the chart and see who is absent or who forgot to write in their lunch preference. While the students are settling in, I then just make a call for lunch money and allow those with money to come up by tables. My student helpers now run the lunch count and attendance, so I can focus on collecting $ and talking to students.
    Hope this helps!

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