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    Something my kids loved
    By Lisa

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    I got the kids in a circle. I took a Koosh ball (lightweight, can't break anything!), said a child's name, and threw it to them. They then had to throw it someone else, but they had to say the name of the person first. I did this at the end of the day, when the kids already knew a few names. My kids thought it was so much fun, especially after a day of sitting around and doing rules and procedures! After the kids started getting the names, I'd add a rule, like giving them until the count of 3 to throw it, or that they had to catch it or they were out. We played it again the second day to make sure we knew the names, and again on the third day because we got two new students and we wanted them to learn names!

    By the way this was in fourth grade, but I think this would work in most grades!

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