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    Behavior management
    By Debbie

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    Hi Lauren,
    I'm sure you've probably read some of the other posts on this issue, but I'd suggest you make whatever management system you use a private affair between you and the individual child. After they've brainstormed expectations for working together and care of the materials in the room, etc.; categorize these and put all ideas into maybe three to five simple but all encompassing expectations to have them sign and post in the room...ours this year are: Be caring and helpful. Be respectful of the materials in the room. Be a responsible learner. I've put together a 1 inch notebook with dividers for each child's name. When the child chooses to ignore an expectation, they write about the incident on a piece of notebook paper, stating what happened and what should have happened. The consequences are usually natural and if you've chosen to interupt the learning of others by playing around during group, you miss a certain amount of recess, 'cause you've taken time away from the group. I usually ask the child to tell me about what they think would be a logical consquence, and how they're going to change their choice in the future. And there are no rewards for expectations, that is how a responsible learner is a contributing member of the learning community. Even posting 'rewards', ie. stickers for books read, etc. you're setting up a punishment for the child whose parent doesn't have the time to do the home reading. Names on the board or turned over behavior cards, are publically embarrassing, and certainly there are enough of that type of thing going on with peers...before you decide, read 'Punished By Rewards' or something else by Alfie Kohn. Best of luck!!! ;-D

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