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    Spelling Activities
    By Jessie

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    Here are a few I use in my classroom:

    1. Practice the words in Shaving Cream. I get a can of cheap shaving cream, squirt some on their desks, and they practice writing their words that way. Does make a mess, sort of, but I only have seven kids, so it works for us. If that wouldn't work, get a tray, fill it with sand, and set it at a center, and the kids can use their fingers to write their words in the sand.

    2. We play "Heads UP, Spell UP", a version of the game, Heads UP, 7-Up. Since my class is so small, it does get a little hard, but what we do is this: Two students go up to the front of the room, and tell the rest to put their heads down and to stick their thumbs up. The two walk around pushing down 1 thumb each and them come stand in front of the room and say, "HEADS UP, SPELL UP". The two who had their thumbs put down stand up. I give them a word to spell. If they get it correct, they guess to touched their thumb. If they guess correctly, they take that person's place at the chalk board. If they get it wrong, we all spell the word together, and then we start over.

    3. We alphabetize them each week.

    4. We also do the Spell Down thing that was mentioned above...


    4. The last thing we do is to have each student search for these words in their lives. They write down any spelling words they encounter with their reading, everyday life, ect. and we share them before the test.

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