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    Don't worry
    By Cathy-Dee

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    Many schools who haven't had new staff for awhile go through a period of shock when a new, energetic, enthusiastic teacher joins the staff.

    I know it's hard because you have so many questions, and although I'm sure these other teachers will grow to love having you on staff. Right now they are feeling the pressure of the new year too and often they just don't have the time either to spend with you and to answer your questions. I'm sure in a week or so when things start to calm down, you will find them much more receptive to your questions and ideas.

    I know when I first started in my school, I was in a similar situation - not quite as severe, but I believe the last person hired was about 5 years before me. Many of the teachers had grown lazy with decorating, etc, and then I came along, not only did I decorate my classroom, I took over the hallways, the front entrance, wherever. I'm sure at first some of them resented this intrusion, thankfully I never noticed.
    And during the year and especially the following year everyone was doing a bit more decorating, etc.,

    Now I'm one of the more senior staff after being in the school for 6 years. Last year we had a new teacher join us (her second year teaching) and she's into all this neat decorating. It got me motivated again.

    You will end up being a great asset to your school, so just relax and enjoy your students and things I'm sure will just fall into place.

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