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    Teacher Treasures
    By Joy

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    I have a soda pop case box decorated and labeled as my TEACHER TREASURES. Whenever a student wants to give me a cute note or a picture they may add it to my treasure box. I tell them that when I want to feel happy, all I have to do is look through my treasure box. As I read through the contents of the box, I make sure to recognize each child that has contributed to the treasure box.

    At the end of each month, I weed through the contents and select only the best pictures and notes to keep. In my files, I secretly keep a folder for each year that I teach. Included in this folder are all the little notes and pictures, a class photo, snapshots, my class address list and any other articles, etc, that pertain to the class.

    Years later when my students return for a visit, I share the contents of the folder with them. They are amazed to think that I cared enough to save something from each child. It makes me feel good to see their reactions too!

    Happy Teaching!

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