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    guided reading time OR no guided reading time
    By BookMuncher

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    I am so confused right now!!:eek: I'm used to guided reading being a part of the day... kind of like an invariable or a given. This board is always PACKED with people wanting to know what to do with their kids when they are with their reading groups. This summer I've read or re-read:

    Reading Essentials (routman)
    The Art of Teaching Reading (caulkins)
    Reading with Meaning (Miller)
    Growing Readers (collins) -- not done yet

    Not one of them has a time specifically for guided reading (that I can tell). I was kind of just ignoring that fact, but now, as I read this fourth and final book, I CANNOT ignore it anymore!

    I just keep thinking-- if I didn't have to schedule a guided reading time, I would have a whole chunk of time freed up with which I could do a lot of things that I currently feel are squished into my schedule.

    The big question is: What is guided reading's role in learning to read? I think it's a pretty important one, but not NEARLY as important as I used to think it was before I started Reader's Workshop. Before RW, I basically viewed it as my student's pathway to learning to read independently. Now, I view Reader's Workshop as the most important time of day for them, with guided reading an important extra secondary structure. If reader's workshop is the bridge to "the land of reading" :o , then guided reading would be like the steel supports that connect the bridge to the land.

    So I'm left with what to do? I think I'm going to tinker with my schedule to see if I can possibly fit guided reading into reader's workshop. I think that maybe I'll only meet with each child with their guided reading group 1 time per week and any strugglers 2 times a week. All of the books above HAVE a guided reading element in their schedule, it's just that it doesn't have it's own time-- it's part of reader's workshop and there is not nearly as much emphasis on it. After all, I think of all the emphasis I have been putting on guided reading-- giving it a large block of time and then spending lots of time planning for the rest of the class in addition to planning for the groups. I want my focus to be on the groups-- not what the rest of the class will be doing.

    I'll tinker and get back to you! :s)

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