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    I'm so glad you asked!
    By Jamie

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    I am a new teacher this year, and I have been hoping that someone would ask the questions you posed! It has been extremely frustrating to try to figure all this new stuff out on my own. As a new teacher, I would have liked a packet of info that led me through the preparations necessary for beginning the year. For example, I was not made aware of the need to post a student supply list. I also would have liked help with ordering supplies and a mentor supplied BEFORE school started to help me sort through curriculum and to help me sort through district policies and requirements.
    Now that I have made it through the first week, my biggest questions lie in the areas of curriculum and record keeping. I would like my mentor to plan with me for the first several weeks so that I know my lessons are on the right track and that I am accomplishing what needs to be accomplished. Assessment help and a modeling of record keeping would also make the first several weeks less stressful.
    I have had to force myself to continue to search for answers to my thousands of questions, but it gets frustrating when I never find a real answer. It would really help if my mentor would be more vigilant in sticking with me through a problem until I have the answers I need and my curriculum is all in order.
    I'm sure most new teachers would agree that one of the most difficult parts of beginning the year is not knowing. If I were setting up a staff support system for incoming teachers in my district, I would stress the need for school and district information to be compiled and accessible IN ADVANCE, that curriculum was made available to new teachers and placed in the classroom well before school began and that mentor teachers were paired with new teachers before the year began with the expectation that supplies, curriculum, standards, room setup, planning, grading, testing, etc. be discussed until the incoming teacher felt comfortable. I realize I'm going on and on, so I'll finish up, but I hope this gives you some ideas as to the needs of new teachers. And THANK YOU for asking!

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