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    first days of school
    By Gretchen

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    I love to have the students interview each other using a Venn diagram graphic organizer. I give them a list of questions to get them started; how many brothers and sisters, favorite food, book or movie, etc. The things they have in common are written in the overlapping section while the unique qualities are in the individual sections. Next I have the pairs introduce eachother to the class using the organizer. They love it.

    Instead of using the produced calendar dates, have a blank square on each student's desk. Ask them to design one of the days for the month. Use these instead.

    Inside outside circle; Split the class into two groups. One group forms a shoulder to shoulder circle facing outward. The second group forms a circle facing inward. (one to one with the inner circe) Have them shake hands and ask the outer circle to respond to a teacher directed question. The inner circle listens and responds. You can have the outer circle rotate around the stationary inner circle and ask a new question. It is soooo fun.

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