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    "jobs and rules for 5th graders"
    By Tabitha

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    This will be my third year teaching 5th grade. I have made up a Class Code of Conduct, consquences,and rewards for my students. If you say rules they tend to try to break them. This is behavior that I expect at all times no matter where they are in the building. I do have jobs because they love helping you out. They are basically 2nd graders in bigger bodies. I have the usual jobs: line leader(star student does this job), two door holders, two table washers, a messanger, a lunch monitor(takes lunch count passes out tickets), a paper passer, a board washer, a bus writer(writes the bus numbers on the board as they are called), a class photographer, a librarian, Six table captains( they are in charge of checking off homework in the table folders and making sure all supplies are back in table bucket), a Journalist(pass out and collects journals for writing), Manager (rotates classroom jobs as directed by the teacher), Secretary (records information for the teacher, files papers away for teacher), Technologist(turns on computers and off at end of day, dusts and makes sure computers are a go), a custodian(cleans floors and tables and passes batheroom passes back out),
    a zoologist(takes care of class pet for the week)and finally a substitute(takes over the job of who ever is absent).
    The more responsibility you give them the better they tend to behave because they feel needed and wanted in the room. If you would like a copy of my code feel free to email me. I hope this helps to relieve some of the stree you are feeling. Don't sweat it 5th graders are Awesome. You can do so much more with them.

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