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    By Valerie

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    Fellow teachers,
    UNITE!!! I absolutely LOVE what I do. The last minute changes, unknow students, unconcerned parents; misguided administration; broken computers, leaky faucets; dripping air conditioners, missing desks, limited classroom furniture, musty classroom smell, unforeseen problems, unimaginable problems and smiling faces makes it all worth while. WE ARE PROFESSIONALS!! And I can't think of any other profession that tolerates what we do and is paid what we're paid.
    **NOTE: A professional football game was cancelled last night because the articificial tarp wasn't laid down evenly (Ohh! Poor babies!!) For 78 million dollars, they should lay the tarp themselves!!!
    As the school year begins, hold your heads up my fellow teachers. We are the least respected, the most blamed, the most underpaid, the most questioned and the most influential professionals on the face of the planet. No other profession has the power to influence the way we do.
    We have the ability to mold a human being into a doctor, architect, engineer, lawyer, judge, professional athlete, educator, or politician. But most importantly, only WE have the ability to touch the lives of students who will become PRODUCTIVE members of society who will seek out opportunities to give back a small portion of what was given to, a listening ear, a caring heart and an opportunity to make a difference.

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