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    I know from experience...
    By Julia

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    Well, your experience really hit a cord with me. This is my first year teaching and I am really glad to be in the classroom after having graduated over a year ago.
    My internship sounded a lot like yours. My first day of internship came and I knew that there were going to be problems because it was a rotating classroom with three teachers having two interns. Well, 'teacherhood' around the corner, I thought that I would do my best and take the advice given and everything would be fine. The other intern and I became friends. As time went by though, my directing teacher would curiously call-in sick whenever I would have an observation (leaving me to handle the class for the day and prepare for my directing supervisor who seemed to be against me also). Another time, she called a child a 'spoiled brat' right in front of me and then expected me to lie for her to the parent and the principal, which I did to protect my grade (which I knew was going to be low anyway). I have often asked God to forgive the way I wanted her approval of me. I chose the unethical approach. Well, in the end, my directing teacher did not fill out any of my paperwork for the college, lied to me( parents, students, and the principal), lowered my self-esteem so much that I couldn't wait to go into banking because I hated teaching, had me crying everyday (so much so, my dad threatened to sue the college for racial bias), and then at the end of my internship said that she didn't think that I was going to make it as a teacher. Hurt !?! All that I ever wanted to be was a teacher. I never dreamed of any other livlihood. Her words cut like a knife. Well, after my hellish time at that school, I needed a break. I took the Christmas holidays to decide whether I was going to sue, pursue banking, or demand another internship placement. I chose the internship placement. The Dean of Education knew about my experience and really had no choice but to offer me a free internship because I had been wronged so badly. My second internship was a dream. I have never had so much support from so many different avenues coming out of an urban school. I found friends in teachers that were just awesome. I ended up passing my internship with an A...leading to my graduating with honors. Support made all the difference, and I plan on having many interns in my show them the support and guidance that they will need. Teaching is not getting easier. There are many pressures with FCAT and testing that teachers need to combine forces and help each other.

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