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    science warm-up and PE resources
    By daniel

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    Carrie, I have one science warm-up idea called "What Am I?" which can be used again and again and is quite a lot of fun for kids. You need lots of animal pictures (old Ranger Rick or similiar types of magazines) and some clothespins. Cut out many different photos of animals and glue them onto 4 by 6 index cards. If you laminate them they will last longer. Have the class partner up into groups of 2. Each person takes a card and, using the clothespin,fastens it on the back of their partner's collar. The partner may not look at the card being placed on his or her back. Once ready, the partners take turns asking 1 question at a time to determine the animal on their back. Do I have wings? Fins? You might want 5th graders to be more specific. Instead of just accepting bird,for example, they need to figure out what type of bird. I've used this with K-3 as well as some mixed group parent/child workshops and it's a good ice-breaker for the beginning of the year, as well as a handy filler for those moments when the lesson is completed and you have 8-10 minutes left. It definately fits in a science class because children are asking questions, formulating and testing hypotheses, organizing information, reaching conclusions, etc., things scientists do all the time. You have an advantage in teaching both science and PE in that you might sometimes be able to combine a science concept with a PE activty to demonstrate this concept. Check out Sharing Nature With Children by Joseph Cornell and the Big Book of cooperative Games, good resources for nature games activities and non-competitive games (really good for getting to know you classmates at the beginning of the year). Good luck and have a great year.

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