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    Longitude and latitude
    By CageyBee

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    I teach sixth grade and my students also have a bit of a struggle getting this concept. One simple thing is to call latitude "flatitude" so they keep the concept of how those lines run. I call longitude "loooong-a-tude" for the same reason. Many of my students couldn't do coordinates because they initially didn't have a handle on the two "L" words.

    I also did some simple coordinates activities such as drawing their desks on the chalkboard, assigning the rows a number across the top of the illustration and letters down the side column. We then have a similar floorplan on a ditto and they need to write the child's name in the box when I call out the coordinates.

    There's a great game called "Hurkle" that promotes this concept. I am sure if you google it the directions would appear. You could also play BATTLESHIP and set up the rules to practice finding and recording given coordinates.

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