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    second year jitters
    By Julianne

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    Most teachers have some first-day jitters every year, no matter how much experience they have. Teaching is a little like being on stage. You're "on" when you teach and so you are likely to experience the old adrenaline rush when you think about it. A few things you can do to help:

    Make a list of the things you need to prepare for the first few days of class. Then check them off as you do them. A fully checked off list will give you visual proof that you are ready.

    Aside from the times when you are preparing, try to keep your mind active with other matters. Read a good book (non-school!), go to a movie with friends, bake, whatever.

    Every time you find yourself feeling anxious or terrified, practice relaxation techniques. Use Lamaze or anything else you know to relax yourself. Remind yourself that you did it before and you can do it again.

    And remember that you are not alone in your feelings. That's why it's nice to share them here.

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