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    first day of school
    By heather

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    Hi--this is the one question I get from my new teachers and I've been working on a any help/add on's would be great.

    7:30--in classroom, praying --a little calm time before the rush.. I always nibble on helps my nerves (yes even old time teachers get nerves the first day)

    7:50--greet early birds --they're often there with mom and dad and I let them in on day 1--reminding them that school doesn't start until 8:00am, but they may go in for today, hang their coat and find their chair. Have something for them to do on the board or at their seat (seating name tags are already out)and books for them to read-look at afterwards...remember if you always let them in early you could be the 30 min. baby sitter for the rest of the year.

    8:00 kids arrive...great each one at the door and help them find their seat... they should have materials at their seat to complete--work on. NOW FOR THE PARENTS THAT WILL NEVER LEAVE OR MONOPOLIZES YOUR TIME...I tend to say, "I really appriciate you dropping Jonny off, and I can't wait to talk with you further, but right now I need to be with my 30 charges..I'm sure you understand. Have a great day." and walk away! Otherwise, you will be caught with one or two all morning. If the parent wants to stay and watch...most states say they have the right, but I frequently say, "Our first day is one of our most important days for Jonny to learn to be independent. Perhaps if you came back this afternoon to check on him; at that time you could see him interact with his classmates and how he's getting along"--And walk away! towards helping a child. Most of the time they take a hint.

    8:15 first crisis (arrival) hopefully over...and time to begin. Welcome them, ask each child their name...introduce yourself, the room and your expectations (nice word for rules). Go over daily schedule and such.

    8:35 PRACTICE FIRST ROUTINE>>>>>remember shortly you are going to want those little angels to line up to go to recess...walk them through how you want them to line up, and practice walking in a line....this may take quite a while...practice walking in the room, then to the restroom or library or such...If you can get 30 7 year olds to walk in a line you can do anything.

    9:00 read aloud...Lot's of first days of school books to choose from....also work on how you want them to go to the carpet, how are they to sit, when can they talk....lots of loving praise and positive reinforcement.

    Is this what new teachers want??? Or is this way to much detail?

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