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    "fifth grade first two days"
    By Tabitha

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    This will be my third year teaching fifth grade. I always have a goodie bag on their desk, a puzzle welcoming them (they have to put it together to find the message), and an interview paper that they have been assigned to interview each other at their tables. I also have a letter from last years students on their desks for them to read. Then their is a writing assignment on the board first thing with of course a welcoming message from me. This gives me time to get morning routines done. Then we introduce each other.
    This year I am going to have them in groups come up with three questions for me to answer about me. Then each table will get a chance to ask me the three questions. This will give me a quick idea of how they will work together at each group and who I will have to move the next day or so. I also have another get to know you that I am going to use around skittles. Each child takes as many as they want and passes the container around. Each color will have something specific that the child has to talk about. Orange=favorite food Red= favorite music group etc. I will not tell them that how ever many they choose is how many things they have to share until everyone has some infront of them. Also I am putting up a small bulletin board around me. Pictures, hobbies, awards, and my fifth grade report card.
    Then we start going over procedures, Class Code Of Conduct, consequences and rewards. I already have this typed up and ready to go home in a packet for my parents. Then we go over hallway behavior, lunch room behavior, specials behavior, how to come in in the morning, how I want papers titled, when to use the bathroom, when to sharpen pencils, and so on. I will go over this for the first two weeks every day. You must make sure they know what you expect from them. Then you can ask them what they expect from you. I always find this interesting. If you need any more ideas or help feel free to email me.

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