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    "Fishing" Theme
    By Krissy

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    Here are some ideas that I recently got together for a "fishing" classroom theme. Maybe you could use some.

    A Bulletin Board: "A Great Catch" or "Fishing for a Good Book" or even "Get Hooked on a Good Book" made with a fish net and print out several different book-cover pics to put in the net.

    Instead of using marbles in a jar for a class goal, hang a string from ceiling to floor and hang small paper fish on it. Tell students that they will have a class party, or watch a video, etc. when the fish reach the ceiling. (OR use a large cutout of a paper fish and cover it with paper scales each time they earn one)

    For an opening day - get to know each other activity, cut out some blue paper in the shape of a pond and put it on the floor. Write each students name on a paper fish and put them face down with magnets on back. Have students gather
    around the pond and lower a fishing pole (with a magnetic end) to catch a fish. Have them ask the student they caught a question such as favorite color, food, etc.

    Make an attendance board by hanging a small piece of net and having students paperclip/clothespin their fish to the net when they come in each day.
    Make a bulletin board of brain-teasers/mysteries
    called "Something's Fishy!!"

    Make a classroom job chart with a fish theme by putting job names on hooks and student names on fish. Simply rotate the fish each week/month.
    Use a fish bowl to store pencils, pens, markers, etc. on your desk. Title it "Hooked on Helping Out!"

    Or, use a fish bowl with student names written on fish to draw out names to call on.

    Someone else on here told me they had a canoe in their reading corner for the kids to sit in and bought a giant fish pillow from Wal-Mart to go inside. That would be great!

    Call your beginning of the day activity he "Catch of the Day"

    For treats during the first week/special ocassions, give out Gummi Fish.

    Use the lollipop buddies activity posted on the message board but instead call it "Fishing Buddies" and print out different types of fish. Two of each fish will be needed, if you missed that post, e-mail me.(These could be used
    later on to group students. Hand out the fish and have all the bass be one group, all the catfish another, etc.)

    Hope this helps!

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