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    By readerabbit

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    Bookgeek gave you a good round view of what Title 1 is about.
    I have these questions. Is this a new position or are you taking someone's place? Are there more positions like yours in your district.
    If so chat with them and get a view. I teach Title 1 Reading to first grade/pull out. But I know the way I do things are completely differeint from the other 5 schools in my district even thought we have the same district boss. That is the other thing you will have 2 bosses. Your principal and the district Title 1 Supervisor. GEt a handle on how the 2 get along and their views for each other and what each expects. I have been in situation years ago that each person disliked the other and I was stuck in the middle "playing chinese jump rope between them":mad: Not so now different principal.:s). What are the grades or grade that you will be servicing? Will you be a pull out teacher or do you have to go into the classroom. Are you being supplied with supplies and materials ?
    Is DIBELS apart of your district. If so are you going to be part of the intervention of DIBELS. Is your goal raising reading levels or do you have to attend to all phases of language arts/writing etc. Will you have computers and even your own classroom. I had to teach in an open area where people walked through for 8yrs . Now I have 4 walls:) You will make a difference in teaching with Title 1. YOu learn very quickly to feel proud of what you once would of thought of a simple acheivement as being a major step. You learn to zone in on learning styles. You use all your previous knowledge but you get to shape and mold your skills to best help each child. Good luck!!!!

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