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    What to do with your aide
    By Heather

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    I was an aide for a year with a teacher who had a lot of previous experince with aides. He did a lot of things to make me feel like a part of the classroom like put my name on the door along with his, and give me my own desk. He also included me in defining my role and giving me repsonsibilities that weren't just busy work. I never felt like I was being given orders. I had my own small groups of students which I worked with on a regular basis and pulled one or two students aside when they needed extra help. There were also students who needed extra challenges beyond those of the whole class. This is another way you can use your aide. There are also those average students who sometimes get lost in the masses. Sometimes it was nice for them just to get a little individual attention. As long as you're giving your aide important tasks, I wouldn't worry about her feeling ordered around.

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