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    culture idea
    By booklvr

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    I did a project in my S.S. methods class in college, and I loved the idea for kids!
    They are divided into groups and create their own culture. There is a lot of creativity involved here, because the "cultures" are very unique. Each culture, also, must:
    1) have their own container, for display purposes.
    2) create a language for your culture
    3) have a shelter of some sort (home)
    4) food
    5) currency
    6) laws
    and extras might include entertainment, transportation, religion, art, etc.

    For example, our culture was a tree culture. Our container looked like a stump. Inside the stump were pictures (from a computer) of the "homes" in our culture - tree houses. Our "money" consisted of various bird feathers (the more rare the feather, the greater the currency). Our food consisted of fruits, nuts, berries and tree-dwelling creatures (not including birds - continue reading to find out why). Our transporation was by vine. Our laws consisted of "no" signs, showing bird hunting, tangled vines, and fire, posted on large fake leaves (bought at craft stores). Our religion was one of bird worship. Our art was wood framed leaf-rubbing prints. Our entertainment was a wooden rope swing. These are just some of the included items.

    Examples of cultures that other groups created:
    Sun culture: sunflower seeds, bathing suits, sun tan oil, lived on boats, entertainment was tubing/skiing, Sunkist granola bars
    Music culture: container was an instrument case, entertainment was record tossing (think frisbees), their currency was made up of ticket stubs from musicals.

    Other ideas that were "thrown out:'
    dog/cat culture
    ocean culture
    winter/snow culture
    metal/wood culture
    food culture

    I hope this helps someone!

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