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    Social Studies ideas
    By Jen

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    This will be my first year teaching social studies-I taught 7th grade math last year. Even though this is not my main area I decided that I will relate as much as I can to the kids. I have 6th grade. An example: Our first chpater is about the Hunter Gatherers. There is a cool story about the "Wall of Hands" found in a cave in France. I am going to set up a "Wall of Hands" in the classroom. The students will make this by putting their handprints on a large sheet of paper across the back wall. Then I might have them sign their hands. I have just started thinking about this.

    Maybe you could have your students choose a specific scene from the Revoluntionary War and let them draw it , write a poem, etc.--Or, have them imagine themselves acutally in the war. If they were there, how would they feel? Why are they there? Teaching about the reality of war is brutal, but giving them a sense of reality is essential. Sadly, our society today is in many areas like a war. Perhaps the students could reflect on this too. These are just some ideas that I've thought about and may use myself now that I've rambled on! Hope this helps in some way. Good luck to you!

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