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    By psuttles

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    Thanks for all who replied. I guess after being back in college for a month I was beginning to wonder if I was insane - after all most people don't become first time teachers after 50.

    I have to say I think I am one of those "born teachers". I have always been very patient with children...when my kids were small all their friends always wanted to hang around at our house because I was always planning activities for them to do....crafts, writing plays, singing nonsense songs, helping them make homework easier by providing them study aids - ie making up a song with all the countries in Africa in it...playing learning games. I have always taught a children's Sunday School Class. When we moved overseas I chose to homeschool my children from grade 4 through grade 10. I love being in the classroom. I have subbed from elememtary through high school ( to the point that I had to study like crazy from night to night to keep ahead of my 9th grade Algebra students.) But I really loved it. But as a career I chose a safe area - I was a bank loan officer but my heart is in the classroom.

    I did get my AA degree earlier and always felt somethin lacking in my life. I got 3 PHT degrees (put hubby through - Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate). My kids finished college and it got to the point that it was finally MY TIME!!!!

    I have to admit that sometimes it is a little intimidating - I have no doubt about my "abilities" or my desire but I do sometimes have doubts about my age. (Had some real challenging meetings with cooperative teachers - most who are 22-28 years old - Mostly their insecurities about me being the "grown-up". I have made it very clear to them that they are the teacher and I am the learner....but Sometimes maybe I come off as "knowing" too much, but I have so many LIFE experiences to ignore.

    Any way -----thanks for answering-----hope to hear from more of you.


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