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    Recipe for Friendship/Friendship Snack Mix
    By ilove2

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    I got all of this info previously from another post somewhere on this I can't take credit for these neat ideas.

    First brainstorm with your students qualities that good friends have, like thoughtfulness, kindness, sharing, playfulness, helpfulness, honesty, etc.. Then list the different ways we measure things, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pinches, pounds, etc. Then combine these two lists with your students' help. Here's an example:

    Friendship Recipe

    1 cup of Kindness
    4 Tb of laughter
    3 tsp of caring
    5 cups of playfulness
    1 pinch of helpfulness
    3 cups of honesty
    10 pounds of love
    Mix it all together and...

    Then for the Friendship Trail Mix, you can ask each student to bring an ingredient (2 cups??). Such as M&M's, pretzels, marshmallows, raisins, banana chips, etc. Explain when everyone puts in his/her ingredient, the mix gets better and better each time.

    For friendship, I also plan on pairing up students to do a Venn diagram together to compare/contrast their similarites and differences. I will display these with the Recipe of Friendship and black and white photos of the "friends" somewhere in the classroom or in the hall.

    Hope this helps :).

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