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    Tech Class
    By Kristin

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    I was asked to teach a period of Tech this year and I have found a couple of good books from Teacher Created Materials. I used them for some ideas. We began with Word...writing their name down the side and thinking of a word or phrase that described them for each letter in their name. Then we inserted clip art. (By the way, I am a clip art freak...i love the microsoft clip-art online Then they did paragraphs about themselves and replaced some of the words with....clip-art. For example, "I have two birds" but they took the word out and replaced it with a picture of words. Next we did a word search...think of eight words and create a table (in Word). Put the words in the grid and then fill up the rest of the boxes. Of course...add clip art (-: Next we did some Excel...times tables....we only put in a couple of the numbers and dragged the boxes out so it automatically filled in the rest. And lots of graphs. We made bar graphs...I gave them choices of data to choose from. And their favorite must be the Skittles pie chart. They each got a small (Halloween treat size) bag of skittles and made a table and chart of the amount of each color in the bag...and added clip-art! This week we started the internet. First I made a worksheet telling them to go to certain web addresses and find answers to questions. It was about Early Man because that is what they are studying in History. Today we did an amusement park scavenger hunt. I gave them a list of 8 amusement parks and they have to tell me the home page, price, hours, city and state, and 3 attractions or rides. We used yahoo to find the parks online. I hope that gives you some ideas!

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