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    First of all, I don't believe this student does not know anything! If you were put in a room with people speaking another language, you would know plenty, you just would not understand the language.

    Do you teach in a public school? If you do, aren't ESL teachers provided in your district? ESL students are not special ed. nor do they need 504 plans. They just cannot speak English.

    I have an ESL student from Korea. She does not speak any English. I'm trying my best to accomodate her. I have labeled everything in my room.(I teach in a middle school) I ask her to repeat me when I say, "hello, good morning, etc." She is a whiz at math and at music. Two things that are universal. The ESL teacher has told us not to grade her. That is our policy in our city, until she has mastered the language. She understands much more than a lot of people give her credit.

    Many ESL students end up being the valedictorian of their high school. I wouldn't give up on your student or be so negative about your situation. I am in constant awe of my student that is learning a language and a culture that we sometimes take for granted. I would hope I could as strong and as willing as she if I were in the same situation.

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