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    By Jen

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    Hatchet is a such a wonderful book, my 5th graders LOVE it!! I have a writing assignmnet that my kids are doing today as a matter of fact! They have to think about luck and the role it plays in the story.

    Brian had good luck and bad luck throughout the book. FOr ex: Bad Luck is crashing and good luck is surviving. Eventually I want the kids to realize that its not really luck that matters, but the way you react to it that counts! For example, Brian doesn't give up even though sometimes luck isn't on his side.
    Steps for assignment:

    1. Make a T-Chart of as many Good Luck and Bad LUck examples as you can find.(in sequence please)
    2. Class Discussion on these examples. Talk about how Brian REACTED to his luck.(good and bad)
    3. Kids will write a rough draft titled Brian's Luck. Use a paragraph template to assist with organization.
    assignmnet guidelines:
    1. Use a topic sentence
    2. Give at least two examples of good and bad luck Brian had in the wilderness.
    3. Use a concluding sentence
    4. Two paragraphs

    4. After kids have cokmpleted a roough draft. we peer edit.
    5 Recopy.
    I had the kids type it on the computer and shrink the font down small enough so they could cut it out and glue to the inside of a paper plate. All around the paper plate they used construction paper cut-outs to represent items having to do with the story. It ends up looking kind of like a wreath all decorated to look like Hatchet.

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