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    By mk

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    Name ____________________ My Side of the Mountain
    Date ____________________ Book Test- Part 2

    Survival Scavenger Hunt

    The novel, My Side of the Mountain, provided you with several survival tips that you could use in case of an emergency. Today you will apply this knowledge to gather items from your surroundings that you could use if you were in Samís position. You may work with one partner to complete this task. Be creative. Like Sam, you need to be observant and look at ordinary things in a different way. Everything that you gather must fit in the paper bag. You will have approximately 15 minutes to complete this task. GOOD LUCK!!
    **Collect only things that you can return safely and with out damage.**

    Item List:
    (10) 1. One thing you could eat.
    (10) 2. One seed
    (10) 3. Something that could be used for kindling
    (10) 4. Something that blends into its habitat
    (10) 5. Something that could carry water
    (10) 6. Something of no value in nature
    (10) 7. Sketch of one plant that you can identify (labeled)
    (10) 8. Point out a location to Mrs. Karas where you would build a shelter
    and explain your reasons
    (10) 9. Something you would use for protection
    (10) 10. Your choice:__________________________________________________

    Name ____________________ My Side of the Mountain
    Date ____________________ Book Test- Part 1

    Please complete the following questions, in cursive.
    1. Who is Barometer?
    2. Who is Frightful?
    3. Who is the Baron?
    4. Who is Sam?
    5. How does Samís Halloween party get out of control?
    6. How does Sam communicate with animals?

    7. The story takes place in _______________, _____________.
    8. Thinking about a dugout canoe gives Sam an idea. What was it?

    9. A nuthatch is a kind of _______________.
    10. A hemlock is a type of ___________________.
    11. Who did Sam visit in the library? _____________
    12. Why?
    13. Thoreau was the name given to _______________ by _____________.
    14. Who is Matt Spell?
    15. What name did the people give Sam? ________________
    16. Why?
    17. How does Sam keep track of his days?
    18. List one tip Sam gave that you found most useful.
    19. Who locates Sam at the end of the novel and how does he feel about this?

    20. Why do you think Sam ran away?

    **Bonus- On the back, make two lists, one for plants, another for animals and name at least ten of each that were mentioned in this novel.

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