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    Lit Circles
    By jennifer

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    Hi I do lit circles in my 5th grade class at a school that switched every 50 minutes. I spend 20 minutes on each group. I have 2 groups "discussing" at a time and I alternate who I sit with. After a while, you won't even have to sit with them. Just keep praising them for "serious" book talks. The other kids waiting for their turn to "discuss" are doing extension activities related to the reading. The role sheets are to be done at home and be completed in order to participate in the lit circle. I make the kids who don't do the sheet sit in the back of the room and work on the unfinshed sheet by his/herself. Next time maybe they'll do the role sheet. The kids are really getting good at lit circles. We've been doing them for 2 weeks. I do them every other day or after we read two chapters of the novel.

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