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    How to Eat Fried Worms
    By Helen

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    AIMS has a lesson, think it might be in the book called CRITTERS, called "Yummy Gummy Worms". In that lesson your children weigh and measure gummy worms. I use "How to Eat Fried Worms" as a lead in, reading it to my children and sort of egging them on to try worms. Then when we finish the book I bring in a covered pot as though I have boiled the worms. Lay out the napkins and math stuff and then begin passing out the worms, you should see the sighs of relief when they realize that it is "gummy worms".Then they get to work on the AIMS lesson.

    I have also arrived with "fried " worms for them to sample..LOL These are really spaghetti noodles, cooked until limber, dipped in a cornmeal batter,c and fried. Doesn't taste bad and if you work them around with a fork as you fry them, they look pretty real. You could graph yes/no "I Like Fried Worms"

    I have also finished up by giving them Jello Pudding "dirt cups, with gummy worms in the bottom" and then having them to write about the experience. (Cups made with Cool Whip, Big box of Choc. pudding, crumbled chocolate cookies and gummi worms, put in clear plastic cups and cover w/plastic lid or saran wrap.)

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