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    You are not the only one who feels this way. I just graduated this May and didn't get a position. I am scared as well if I even get anything now. I do a lot of subbing and it helps - Tip: take anything you can get your hands on and keep it in a folder. I have been applying for positions coming up in January and wouldn't even know where to start. I had interviews a couple of weeks into school and panicked in case I got the job - because I wouldn't even know how to start. Many of my classmates got jobs this year and they are doing fine. They spent most of their summers planning and preping though, unfortunatly we wouldn't get that. You are not the only one who feels scared. Try not to show it in the interviews though - you will be able to handle anything and the school knows that you are a first year teacher - they know you don't have to much experience or references to fall back on. They understand this and will be there to help you. Remember when you walk into those interviews to say to yourself "They would be lucky to have me teach at this school for them" not the other way around. Be confident. Good luck

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