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    Oakland County jobs
    By Debbie

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    Getting a mid-year job is very tough for someone not connected with a district already. In our building, we have two student teachers and a long term sub who all want jobs in our district and are being considered for any openings that come up(not to mention the subs that come through that want jobs). But, it never hurts to get info. out there. Are you on the consortium for the county? Some districts only go off that list. I would say April and May are the best times to get your stuff out and get out to the districts in person. I know I wanted to get into the district I live in (Oakland Cty. also) and I wasn't able to get into one principals office to see them. I had to do everything online or through the mail. Never got an interview (I too am an older, experienced teacher). The district I did get into, got my resume and cover letter in the mail and I had a sticky note attached to it with a hand written message to the personnel director, and that caught the secretaries eye. That got mine noticed and an interview came along.
    I would vote on starting your master's now. I still have 3 courses left and it is very challenging learning new curriculum, new teacher after school meetings, and taking grad. classes (not to mention having a life). Plus, it looks good to the principal that you're working on professional goals even while you look for that great job.
    This county is challening, but there is hiring going on. Most people say subbing will get you in, others say it's pure luck having your resume pulled out of the pile. I wish I know the answers. From what I'm catching is that, the biggest advantage is word of mouth from the teachers and administration that see candidates come through the buildings.
    Good luck to you.

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