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    I don't think you understood my meaning on my last post
    By Cathy-Dee

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    I don't have any problems with someone complaining about coaches getting all the jobs, and you are right I'm sure there are many who may have this complaint and justifiably so.

    What I was saying, is that the very rude post higher up sounds a lot like some other very similar posts that referred to coaching issues within their post. These posts are almost always negative and have very much the same flavour as the one on this post. And while I don't mind 3 different people complaining about the same thing, I do mind the same person complaining and going nowhere with his or her complaints. We have had and not only on this board several posters who post under 3 or 4 different names - you know it's the same person, the posts are practically identical. And frankly the poster earlier on this post doesn't even sound like a teacher, if he is then he shouldn't be going into education if he can judge a community and children as he has. But then again I think his main goal was achieved, to get everyone on the board up in arms and responding to him.
    I know I've said it before that it's better to ignore such posts, but it is hard to do. And I'm just as guilty for getting into it. But I just find it very surprising to see some old names popping up all of a sudden after this post, these old names if you go back to pages 4 and 5 were regulars back in April and May, and always complaining about the same things. Then we don't hear from them for months, and one little comment about a coach and suddenly they are back. A bit too much of a coincidence. Also looking back one of them even said they were from KY. Perhaps they are not back, but instead someone has read through old posts and figured out that they could get everyone off track again, by posing as these old posters. Either way I find it very irritating to have our valuable time wasted by comments such as the post mentioned earlier as well as some of the others we've dealt with recently.

    These boards can be such a good resource and a great support system, it is terrible to see them get reduced to this type of defence because of one, two or three posters who seem to get a kick out of it.

    By the way Coaching is not the only issue, for myself in Elementary education - I teach in a rural area, quite remote (I'm 6 and a half hours from the nearest city). I'm female and I have no special talents. To get a job close to a city is very difficult. However if I had special ed training, a musical background, a second language or was even a male I could advertise myself and be much more applicable for many jobs.

    So I don't think it is necessarily that the coaches get all the jobs, but rather that those who are willing to coach get all the jobs. Unfortunately or fortunately gone are the days where you could specialize in one subject area and teach that for 30 years and then retire. If your college did not prepare you for this it is too bad, they are not doing their job either. In my area, there are some who are trained in math, but are teaching science, or others who are trained in physical education who are teaching math. Sometimes you take what you can get just so that you can be teaching. Is this the perfect system? I don't think so, but school boards do not always have choices. They are under budgets and if they can save money by hiring a social studies, math, science or english teacher and also have them coach, then they are going to do it.

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