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    Hi EC
    By Cathy-Dee

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    An interview, that's fantastic. I wouldn't tell the school you are in now, you may not be offered the position and then you'd have to talk about it further. But I think there's a good chance you will be offered the position. So here's some thoughts on that

    - subbing - may open doors in the public school sector - but may not
    - own classroom - less pay, but it is full time
    - own classroom - it's fun to have your own class
    - subbing - you do learn from the others by seeing what they do in their rooms
    - own classroom - you do get a year towards your certification
    - own classroom - having one year experience also looks good on resumes and may open doors in the public school setting

    I guess I'm leaning towards taking the grade 3 position if it is offered. Can you afford the decrease in salary? If you can, then I think the experience would be valuable for you. I enjoyed subbing when I did it, but I much prefer having my own class.

    Let us know what happens and what decision you end up making. Good luck on the interview - I'm sure you'll do great!!!!!!

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