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    bad refs...
    By Kat

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    I am not so sure if that is your problem, but it very well could be. I guess one way to solve that problem is to get a letter of recommondation from them first. Ask them to write you one to put into your portfolio, so then you get a chance to see it first. Then, if you list them as a reference, you can be pretty sure they are not going to write on thing and then say another. That's what I did. I know how discouraged you are. It took me the better part of 2 and a half years to get a teaching job, and I know my references were super because of their letters (at least I am pretty sure, because they'd look pretty stupid doing otherwise). I used to think the same thing...being without a job we love is very discouraging, especially after all the time and money we invest in being an educator!

    One good source for references would be your cooperating teachers, if they graded you well in your student teaching. Mine were wonderful. If they graded you well, there is probably not much they would say to discourage an employer from hiring you. You'd think not anyway. Another good source is professors.

    As for being discouraged, has no other job opperturnity in education came about? Not an aid or sub position? That's how I got into it. Of course, I live in a highly congested area for teachers, so it does take away. Try volunteering your time at some schools too. This gets your face known. Have you ever considered relocating? How about working in a child care program. I worked at the YMCA in their Bridges program for a while, and it was a wonderful place to be with kids. (It was a school age care program that went on before and after school).

    I know to save my sanity for awhile, I just activitly quit job hunting for three months and worked out of my field. It helped me feel useful, and I didn't apply for one job, unless is was something I would call my "dream job". Maybe this is what you need to do.

    I know resume's can make all the difference. Have you pointed out ways you would be a huge asset to an employer and backed it up with evidence? How about your cover letter...are you doing all you can to sell youself? Have you had a third party look at this info to help you make sure it is all clear and doing what it is supposed to?

    Keep your head held high. Something will come about. If you'd like to email me and talk some more about this, I'd like that. Best of luck.

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