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    I am not so sure...
    By Torrey

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    that a teaching job is no big deal. It was and still is a major part of my life, still is my passion, and still the main reason I get up before dawn everyday. Yes, all the things you mentioned do make our jobs difficult at best, however, do you no longer take joy in your students and in your work? I sure hope so, or else it will rub off on the kiddos! When we all have a stack of papers to grade, lesson plans to write, indifferent parents, apathetic kids, horrible administrators, and tests to try to get our kids ready for we all probably feel that way, however some do not. Perhaps I am assuming too much, but I think your post is a bit upsetting, especially to those who work their tails off just trying to get where you are. Not to say that you are not intitled to your opinion, because I think we all feel that way somedays. But it is a big deal to some. While I am not my job, my job is a part of me and everything I do. Teaching is a big deal to me and to many others. I do hope you find some rewards with it!

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