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    By Cathy-Dee

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    I'm sure it has been hard especially this year after trying all summer. But... perhaps your colleagues do not feel what you think they do. We have had those who have had to go your route in our division. We've even had some who chose to give up teaching to work in one of the day cares because it meant more time with their families. We also have had a number of aides decide to go back to school and get their teaching degree and then come back here to work. The fact that you are willing to work as an aide just so that you can be in a school and working with kids says a lot for your determination and dedication.
    Yes, some teachers do get a job after the first interview - things just click right. I doubt this teacher looks down on you, but she is probably feeling the vibes you have towards her and thus is cool towards you.
    Don't forget you can still shine in this position. Be positive, be happy (it could be worse you could have no position at all), help out when you can, take any type of inservicing you can, and watch for openings. Look for short-term positions, maternity leaves, etc., And those who are watching will hopefully see the dedication you have, the willingness to work in any role, and the fact that you get along great with all your colleagues.
    I know we shouldn't complain about our jobs - there are so many out there who would love them. But once you do have a position, it is so much easier to let the little things get to you. Don't hold this teacher's venting against her. Who knows she may end up being your strongest advocate?
    I know in my school the teachers have a lot of say in who gets hired, etc., Of course the administrator has the final decision, but he will ask for our opinions, etc., So to have the teachers in your school on your side would be much more beneficial for you.
    Keep up your spirit, and I truly hope that sometime this year something wonderful opens up and you get the position you've dreamed about.

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