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    Fountas and Pinnell
    By Pauline M.

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    I use the book "Guided readers and writers" by Fountas and Pinnell. They have a 500+ word list that we give (the book also give a chart of mini lessons for the first twenty days of school- which is helpful). I correct the tests myself (you could have them correct it). I highlight their correct words in orange. Each week we do our "Word study" once all words have been taken. I provide each student with a 2 pocket folder that has the whole list with highlighted words. This is referred to as their Word Study Folder.

    There is also a book called "Words Matter" by Pinnell & Fountas. This explains a lot about the following format below. These are, in my opinion, essential to guided reading.

    Mondays: Choose write build- I do a mini lesson of blends on chart paper. They have to choose 5 words from their word study list (500 spelling test) then 3 from the mini lesson. 2 from their Words to Learn. I give these to the students throughtout the previous week. I find them in their letters they write to me each week, in their writer's notebook, etc...

    Tuesdays: Cover, write, check- just like it sounds. The student covers the word, writes the word, checks to see if they spell it correctly. I may add pronounce, cover, write, check next year.

    Wednesdays: Buddy test- I pair up students that are in the similar reading group. They quiz each other with their words.

    Thursdays: Making connections- this sheet can be a variety of things. Rhyming, defining, drawing what the word means to them, etc... Anything that connects the word to real life

    Fridays: Final buddy test- the same procedure as Wed. but when the test is done, the students come up and get a sticker (reguardless if they got a word incorrect or not) for their Word Study Folder.

    Hope this helps I have documents for all of these, I can send you attachments of them if you'd like.

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