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    By Trish

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    Calm down.. believe in yourself..

    First interviews are nerve racking.. My first one, I bet the Principal was thinking to himself... 'ok.. next..'

    My advice to you is to be yourself. Don't get caught up in the nervousness,etc. If you are, you will need up like I was.. all tongue tied and brain dead.. I couldn't answer simple questions like what is a benchmark.. it was like... duh..

    Have fun with it. I know this is easier said than done.. The position that I got (and a few others that I were offered) were from interviews that I basically said to myself whatever happens happens. I made it look like I was comfortable and I was totally myself. I didn't try to answer the questions as how I thought they wanted me to. I answered them the way I felt about it. Go with your gut instincts. Laugh, make jokes.. this will ease the situation. If not with him, it will with you.

    As far as clothing.. I didn't wear suits. I wore skirts with nice shirts. Whatever you wear, make sure that you are comfortable in it..

    Good luck!

    I hope this helped!

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