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    questions and preparing
    By Cathy-Dee

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    First of all don't worry about the curriculum right now. You are right in that until you know the grade level you can't know all the curriculum that is required for each grade level. It doesn't hurt to take a quick glance at curriculums just before an interview if you are interviewing for a specific grade, but those interviewing you know you do not know all the different things and they are not expecting you to.

    I was hired literally 3 weeks before school started for a kindergarten class. I had one week to buy all my furniture and get moved and then 2 weeks more or less to figure out what I was doing. And even then I couldn't get into the school until about 4 days before school started. You do not need to know everything before the first day of school. You start more general to begin with, classroom management, rules, getting to know one another, etc., throughout that first month you will have time to really start to focus in on what you need to cover for that grade.

    So the main thing is to get through all those interviews.

    As far as reading goes - I would mention things like having a lot of print in the room (magazines, books, poems, etc.,) Depending on the grade I would talk about having a blend of structured teaching including phonics and just experiencing reading through story times, novel reading, paired reading, quiet reading times, etc., Even talking about younger grades vs older grades. Younger grades you would spend more time with structured learning with reading. However things like word walls, teaching blends and digraphs, reading novels, short stories, picture books, can be a part of any of the elementary grades.

    Mentioning things such as being willing to look for new ideas, programs and methods of teaching to help meet the needs of all your students. Ensuring all your students are reaching their potential through individualed learning. Thus modifying or enriching your regular program as necessary.

    A lot of questions are more general in interviews and don't be afraid to say that you would like to have a bit of time to think about your response - could you go on to another question and come back to this one. I know my Principal was impressed when those he interviewed took time to think through their responses.

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