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    I do my literacy centers in the morning, for about 30 mins. I have also tried rotating through them each day, but it was too much, so I have them do one center a day. One is guided reading and one is a writing one, at the first of the year I have them work on their picture until I can get to the writing to help, later on they don't need as much help. I also have a variety of other ones including, alpahbet games, phonemeic awareness games, word work activties, art projects, games we have played together, retelling of stories, listening center, computer ect...
    I have different number of students go to each center depending on the center, also some students may not do some centers depending on their ability, I use a checklist to keep track of who needs to do what and jsut add new ones as needed.
    They have to work for the first 20 mins at their center ( shorter at the first of the year) then I have check up time, where my guided reading group works on a follow up and I check on the other groups, if they are done they may get an activity off the literacy shelf, until all students are done.
    This is what works in my room, I have played with several ways and this works for me.

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