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    Irregular Verb Story
    By abteacher

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    I was looking for a funny story my fifth graders could use to learn irregular verbs. I made up a story about "Iggy the Inchworm" who was just terrible at remembering the irregular verbs. I thought I'd share my hard work with everyone, so feel free to use it when teaching irregular verbs!!

    Enjoy =)

    Iggy the Inchworm

    Iggy, the inchworm, haved a horrible time remembering irregular verbs. He knowed there were right ways to say things, but he always sayed them wrong. One day, his mom gived him a book all about irregular verbs. He thinked this would really help him! His friend, Verby, was very smart and he comed over one day to help Iggy. Iggy sawed his very smart friend, Verby, remembering all the irregular verbs and he just wished he could do as well as Verby! So, Iggy sitted all day and learned all the verbs that the book teached him. Verby was impressed by Iggy’s hard work and sayed, “Wow Iggy! You taked a lot of time to remember all those crazy verbs!” Iggy was proud of his hard work. Iggy rided his bike around the neighborhood with his trusty verb book in his basket. Iggy flyed past the park where his friends played every day. Iggy walked up to them and sayed, “Hey guys! This book really helped. It teached me all the irregular verbs!” No one maked fun of Iggy anymore because he was the smartest inchworm around. He knowed what he had to do. He goed home and thanked his mom for his wonderful verb book. From then on, Iggy always remembered all the irregular verbs and he never leaved the house without that trusty book!

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