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    Thank you
    By Arlene

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    I am a brand new teacher and have been having a really rough time with one of my little grade one girls. She has severe behaviour problems and a lot of emotional issues. I find it very hard to say good bye to her at the end of each day and I think about her constantly. I communicate a lot with my T.A and we have an excellent realtionship. I told her today that it would be much easier if I disliked this child-if I hated her even. However, I care for this little girl deeply and this is what makes it so hard. My staff is so supprtive and the behaviour team whom I work with are also. They have assured me that I am making a difference and it will take a long time to see huge leaps and bounds for this little girl as it has taken years for the "damage" to have been done. I know that this little girl thinks a lot of me. She lights up when she sees me and I do when I see her. Although I find this profession very challanging and I am happy when Friday comes, I am always ready to go back on Monday as I miss my class terribly over the weekend, especially those whom I know are having a hard time at home. Thank you to everyone at this website. I love you all. The inspiration board is the best!! I love my profession and the uncontrollable laughs in the middle of a lesson are the best. You are right!! Thank you for cheering me up today. It's so hard when you care so much!!! I had a parent say to me, "Hats off to you, as you don't just teach the kids to read, you care about them and that makes all the difference." You are right it is the feedback that you get from collegues and parents and kids that make this job so worthwhile. I still can't say "I am going to work" I always say, "I am going to school" It is a hell of a lot of work, but the fun far outweighs any of that "other stuff"


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